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odem work

Vital frequencies for work.

Creativity and effectiveness in harmony: the vitalizing work environment of odem work

The odem work creates a vitalizing and trouble-free working environment in which creativity and effectiveness are literally in the air. By transforming electrosmog into vitalizing fields, a stress-free and healthy working environment is created. Special functional frequencies keep you focused and receptive for longer. The odem work improves the ionization of the air and reduces fine dust pollution by about 30%, resulting in a healthier and vitalizing indoor climate. Thanks to its flexible design and programming, it can be easily switched between home office and office and is ready for use anytime and anywhere.

More vitality and improved indoor climate

Special implemented functional frequencies keep you concentrated and receptive longer. If the odem work is used throughout the building, it improves the ionization of the air and reduces fine dust pollution by approx. 30%. As a result, a healthier, vitalizing indoor climate is created. These positive reactions of people to the odem technology have been confirmed in a study. The effective area is 3 meters in diameter.

Flexible to use

The odem work can be used flexibly due to its design and programming. You change between home office and office? No problem. You can easily take your odem work with you anywhere and anytime.

100% made in Austria

All components of the odem work are manufactured by medium-sized companies from Austria and assembled and packaged in odem's own factory.

Electrosmog as a stress trigger (Trigger)

Every electromagnetic wave triggers a small electrical stimulus at our nerve receptors, which our brain cannot classify as known information. For this reason, our body reacts as if to a dangerous situation and switches to the "Fight or Flight" (danger) mode. This is why we find ourselves in a constant passive state of stress due to electrosmog alone.

Ionization and fine dust

Furthermore, electrosmog disturbs the natural ionization in rooms and buildings and creates a bad indoor climate. The longer one stays in such an environment, the faster one becomes tired, unfocused and lacks energy. The reason for this is the separation of the negatively charged ions from the positively charged ions. The negatively charged ions, which would actually give a person energy, are located in the upper quarter of the room, where the energy-sapping positively charged ions are located in the lower 3/4 of the room.

The division of ions in the room also leads to a static charge of dust and especially fine dust particles. This prevents these particles from sinking into the air and keeps the fine dust particles suspended in the air much longer than usual. This represents an additional burden for humans, as fine dust is a dry infection carrier and this can lead to an increased health risk.

The odem home creates a natural partitioning of ions in the air and reduces particulate matter by 28.5%, measured against a particulate matter particle size of 2.5 microns.