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odem animal pendant

 69,00 (incl. VAT)

  • Made & programmed in Austria
odem animal pendant

 69,00 (incl. VAT)

  • Made & programmed in Austria

For large and small animals to wear.
Can be attached to the animal's collar, chest harness or

The odem technology regulates your pet's nervous system, reduces chronic stress and promotes its natural balance. Your pet becomes more relaxed and calm, responds better to treatments and is more resistant to external influences.

More info

- The odem animal tag is suitable for all animals that wear a collar or harness. Whether dog, cat, rabbit, horse or your special favorite animal.

- The odem animal pendant with its standardized key rings is suitable for any collar or harness of your pet.

- The odem animal pendant is waterproof.

- Avoid colliding with hard or rough surfaces or objects. Wear on the surface of the odem case may occur.

- Strong magnets, scanners at airports or other can not affect the effect.

- There is a risk of ingestion with the pendant - contact a veterinarian immediately if swallowed!

Weight: 2 g

Total weight incl. accessories and packaging: 20 g

Size housing L/W/D: 28.25 x 25 x 2 mm

Material: PMMA plastic | incl. odem Field carrier material

Questions and answers

The glued-on NFC chip does not contribute to the basic function of the product, but only serves to store the contact details of the owner and the animal. In case of a missing animal, the finder can simply scan the tag with his smartphone and receive all the necessary information to contact the owner.

The tag must be worn on the body and is not suitable for mounting on cages or boxes. For cages/boxes etc. we recommend the odem animal place.

The odem animal products are waterproof. If soiled, they can be cleaned with pH-neutral soap and a microfiber cloth.

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